Real-Time Carbon
Footprint Tracker

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The Goodside app makes it easy to measure, reduce and offset your carbon footprint. Lessen your climate impact, watch your score increase, and earn rewards for your climate-positive progress.
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Real-Time Carbon Footprint Tracker

How Goodside Works

step 1: measure
What’s your carbon footprint? Connect your bank account and we'll do the math.
Step #2: Reduce
Lessen your environmental impact with personalized tips and challenges.
Step #3: Offset
Balance out your emissions and aim for carbon-neutral living.
measure - SUMMER 2021

shopping made easy

That new pair of shoes? The latest gaming console? Your winter trip to Cancun? Goodside estimates the emissions from your purchases and shows the vendor’s sustainability rating, so you can make informed choices with the planet in mind.


Track your carbon footprint over time

Goodside calculates your carbon footprint and breaks it down by category, so you can see your impact at a glance. Watch your footprint shrink as you identify and cut back on carbon-intensive purchases and habits.

Go Meat-free on Mondays in September
reduce - Summer 2021

Get a personalized
climate action plan

We’ll serve up challenges, tips and must-read articles to help you make the most impactful changes. Plus, get step-by-step guides on how to develop habits for a climate-friendly future.

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reduce - future feature

Shrink your footprint
and earn rewards

Reduce your emissions, change behaviours, and invite others to Goodside to increase your score. Earn points for your climate action and redeem them for rewards that you and the planet will love.

offset - future feature

Set your sights on carbon-neutral living

Once you’ve reduced your emissions as much as you can, offset some (or all!) of the rest. Pick a project you find meaningful, invest a small amount every month and watch your positive impact grow.

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