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Why does Goodside need me to connect my bank account?


Estimating your carbon footprint and calculating your Goodside score are key features of the Goodside app. In order to estimate your carbon footprint and calculate your Goodside score, we need to be able to see how much and where you're spending.

Is it safe to connect my bank account?


Yes. Goodside is operated by RBC Ventures Inc., a subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). Safeguarding the security of our systems and the confidentiality of our clients’ information is always a top priority. If you choose to connect a bank account to Goodside then we'll use a third party service provider (Plaid) to login and connect your bank account. Goodside does not access or store any login credentials you provide to connect your bank account. Transaction information collected and stored from a connected account is encrypted and anonymized.

What kinds of accounts can be connected?


Accounts from most major banks and credit unions can be connected to the app. Contact us if you have any issues connecting your bank account(s).

What happens if I no longer want to connect my bank account to Goodside?


If you want to disconnect your bank account from Goodside, you’re free to remove it — it just involves a few simple steps. To disconnect a bank account:

  1. Log in to your Goodside app and tap on your Profile icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Tap the Connected accounts list item.
  3. Tap the account you want to remove.
  4. Select Remove account on the final screen.

What happens if my online banking credentials are compromised?


In the extremely unlikely event your information at Goodside is compromised and your online banking account at your financial institution is accessed without your consent, you’ll need to speak with your financial institution to see if any financial losses will be covered. It’s important that you read and understand the terms of service with your financial provider.

Do you share my data?


Protecting your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We use your transaction data and other information to provide you with the services available through the app, including analyzing your purchases to estimate your carbon footprint. We may share certain information with our service providers to provide you with their services. Those service providers are required to keep any information they receive confidential.  We never sell any user data.

What is the Goodside Score and how is it calculated?


The Goodside Score is a monthly summary score — measured from 0 to 100 — that shows you how well you're doing, compared to others on the platform. To calculate your score, our algorithm considers:

  • Your estimated total emissions
  • The carbon intensity of your transactions
  • The climate strategies of the retailers you've made purchases from

How is my carbon footprint calculated?


We analyze multiple details of your transactions — including where you shopped, the category of spending and the dollar amount spent — to estimate the carbon emissions associated with your purchases.

If my carbon footprint is calculated based only on my transactions, isn’t that showing me only part of the picture?


Yes, but it’s a big part. Measuring the impact of your spending gives a meaningful representation of your carbon footprint. We're already thinking about ways to expand Goodside to calculate the footprint of other aspects of your life to offer a more holistic view of your overall carbon footprint in the future.

How far back does the app go into my historical transactions?


When you connect an account, we collect up to two years of transaction information. The amount of transaction information collected may differ depending on your financial institution.

What is carbon offsetting?


Carbon offsets are a way we can balance the impact of the greenhouse gases we're responsible for by creating an equivalent reduction elsewhere.

There’s a large variety of carbon offsetting projects, but they all have a few things in common. They use nature (think trees or wild grasslands) or technology (like alternative power sources) to reduce or sequester greenhouse gas emissions. And they need money to get the job done, which is why it's valuable when people and businesses purchase carbon offsets.

To learn more about carbon offsetting, read our blog article.

How does Goodside select carbon offset projects available in the app?


Goodside has partnered with a third party,, and uses their API to connect to Patch's list of reputable offset projects. Patch vets every project and provides objective data across three criteria:

  • Permanence: Long term and trustworthy carbon sequestration.
  • Additionality: Purchases made lead to net new projects that quantifiably remove carbon.
  • Verifiability: Third-party verified or rigorously evaluated projects with enhanced traceability.

How do I get an invitation to try the app?


Simply signup here! You'll be added to our queue, and invitations will be sent out in batches.

Is the app free to use?


Yes, it is currently free to use! Climate change is a global issue, and our mission is to empower collective action and work together to turn the tide. The Goodside app currently requires payment only if and when you choose to purchase a carbon offset.

Which countries is the app available in?


Available on Android and iOS, only US users are supported today. Want to see Goodside launch in your country? Contact us!

How else can I get involved?


We are always looking for ways to make Goodside even better! Do you have ideas for a new feature? An idea for a blog article? A carbon footprint reduction hack? Reach out and let us know!

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