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Get rewarded for living sustainably

The Goodside app measures your carbon footprint in real-time, then gives you tips to reduce your impact. Take climate action to see your score rise and earn rewards for both you and the planet.
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get rewarded for living sustainability
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When we know better, we do better

Wondering how your daily latte habit affects the environment? Goodside shows you the carbon footprint of your purchases, empowering you to make climate-friendly decisions.

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Take a crash course in carbon footprints and climate change with our free, downloadable eBooks.

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Read compelling (and inspiring) stories about the climate crisis and its solutions, and get actionable tips on climate-friendly living.

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Our goal? To help one million people achieve carbon neutrality.

We recognize that climate change requires efforts from policy makers, corporations, and consumers. Through Goodside, we’re empowering consumers to make informed choices about their purchases.

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